How High Water Damages Vehicles


Motorists should never attempt to drive through a flooded roadway.

It’s very dangerous and it doesn’t take much water to move a vehicle.

Driving through high water is also extremely damaging to vehicles.

We visited Don’s Service Center in Terre Haute on Wednesday to learn how water damages a car.

It really depends on the depth of the water.

A lot of cars these days have electronic components under the seats or in the floor panels. Those parts can get damaged if the floor gets wet.

The worst case scenario is if the water gets into the engine.

“When that occurs, quite often it’s catastrophic engine failure,” says Don Giovanini at Don’s Service Center. “You cannot compress a liquid. The water will not get smaller. So, as the engine tries to run and the water is inside the engine, it damages the engine.”

Also, some water-related issues can take awhile for motorists to notice.

That’s why consumers are warned against buying flood cars. The car may seem fine at first, but experience issues later.

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