Hooked on Science – Temperature Afghan


Do you keep track of the weather? If so, probably not the way one Kentucky mother is keeping track.

Julia Wilson can spend hours crocheting.

“In 2015, I actually went to a class to learn how to crochet more and I absolutely fell in love with it,” says Wilson.

Now, she’s working on a new project called a ‘temperature afghan’.

“You start with the idea on January 1, you crochet one row and the color of that row is predetermined by the temperature high of that day,” explains Wilson.

Along the way, there were some surprises.

“In April and March, it was getting warm and it got really cold again,” Wilson says.

The coldest day, so far, crocheted into this temperature afghan, was purple when it was 18 degrees in January.

“I keep the highs marked in a calendar and when I start crocheting, as I get a day done, I just mark through it on the calendar,” says Wilson.

She’s still working on this blanket from 2016 and when finished, she’ll give it to her daughter.

“The idea was to make a pretty bed spread, but I did not realize it was going to be fifteen feet long when I got done,” says Wilson.

Another surprise was the response from kids.

“I had one little boy who said, ‘I love the weather. I want to make a weather blanket too,” says Wilson.

It goes to show you can sneak science into just about anything, including crochet.

Wilson plans on crocheting a temperature blanket for 2017. This time she’ll use a smaller stitch, so the afghan isn’t so long.

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