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99 year old Walter Monk’s photo albums only scratch the surface of the vivid memories he has 
of World War II.  From 1942 to 1946, he served as a flight engineer in the Army Air Corp.

Sgt. Monk flew on a variety of aircraft around the world in support of the war effort.  His handwritten log book reveals the names of exotic and well known places during the  war.  Hawaii, Guadalcanal, Casablanca, South America, Senegal and Egypt

Like a lot of service men and women, he humbly did his part to defend the nation.

“I can’s say we were the greatest generation but I think we accomplished something,” said Walter Monk.

Walter was born in Graysville,Indiana and was one of 16 children.  He grew up during the Depression and worked hard during many hot summers.

“You tell Jesse Walker this, I was 16 years old the hottest summer on record and I worked on a farm for 50 cents a day in 1936,” said Walter.

Walter had only been married for several months when he was drafted.  After boot camp and training he was sent to southern California.  Once there, the missions aboard B-17’s, B-24s, B- 25, C-47 and began.

One time, two engines went out and Walter prepared for the worst and his visits to Hawaii and to the devastation of Pearl Harbor left on long lasting impression.

After the war, Walter worked for many years in the linen business.   And he and his wife Phyllis  
had five children, but sadly she passed away.

Eventually, he met Leone who is 20 years younger and she married Walter who was 
raising his five children on his own. 

“So for him to keep all of his children together, I understood what he had to go through to do it,” said Leone Monk.

The couple also had two children of their own and for over 50 years they have enjoyed  a 
peaceful life in Indiana.

Today, they proudly display their America pride and the sound of God Bless America can 
be heard frequently. 

Walter has received an outpouring of support for his service from government officials, sports 
franchises and every day citizens.. A couple of years ago, he also took part in an Honor Flight to Washington D.C., where he and other the veterans were honored.

And.he’s also received a lot of letters from school children.  

Without a doubt, Walter Monk continues to enjoy a rewarding life in the country he truly loves.

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