Historic and Rare Palm Tree Removed


Thursday marked the removal of a historic and popular tree in a St. Andrews park in Panama City. Many were emotional to see it go, but the city says it had to be done. 

“It’s passed away its died,” said Jackson Priess, Georgia Resident.

“It’s history,” said Kimberly Elliott, Panama City Resident.

The world’s only four-headed Pindo Palm Tree is no longer standing in Oaks by the Bay Park.

“I live here two blocks or so from here and seeing this everyday, that’s upsetting,” said Elliott. 

City officials say the tree that was estimated to be eighty to one hundred years old was dying.

Leisure Services Department Director Keith Baker said palm trees are unique.

“They’re not like a an oak, they’re not solid they’re porous so we knew if we wanted to salvage this tree and some how put it back out into the public that we would have to take it sooner than later,” said Baker. 

The removal attracted dozens of residents and even brought some from out of town.

“I heard it on the radio from Atlanta to Panama City and I had to come and see it,” said Priess. 

Many were sad to see what they called a piece of history being removed but the city said they’re brainstorming ways to keep the trees memory alive. 

“I think there’s a lot to that tree that we can take and create something that we can put back out to the public,” said Baker. 

One of the shared ideas was to create a memory plaque like this from the trees trunk. Before the city decides what to do with the now empty space, it will temporarily be turned into a green space. 

City officials said once they determine the condition of the tree remains, they will officially decide what they can do with them. 

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