Dewey Point wild life area in West Terre Haute has more to see than just what’s in the Wabashiki Wetlands how about what’s above it.

Brendan Kearns, county commissioner and program specialist with Indiana DNR pointed out that if you’re at Dewey Point looking east toward the courthouse, you can see a nest.

Two eagles guard the nest protecting eggs that he expects will hatch in the coming months. Kearns says some adjustments may have to be made so folks can see the wildlife a little more clearly.

“We got some trees in the way and I think these trees are ready to go. They’re old and probably a safety hazard, so what a great time to have these trees removed so we can use these spotting scopes up here and see the eagles nest,” Kearns said.

There are two spotting scopes at the Dewey Point shelter one is more easily accessible for people who are wheel-chair bound, the other is stationed a little higher.