Hesitant to Hit Shelves


While it can be a positive experience to take products containing CBD oil, it’s still illegal to posses the medicine’s origin, the marijuana plant.

We found products containing CBD are slow to hit shelves for one local pharmacy.

Our sister station in Evansville found this natural product has been flying off the shelves in their community, these products can be in creams, gummies, mouth spray and heal a variety of ailments.

Inside Linton’s Family Pharmacy, you’ll see a variety of medications lining the shelves.

Some that still sit behind the counter are getting national recognition for their healing abilities.

“My sense is that these products are able to meet some needs that are not being met by current contemporary, traditional medicine,” Pharmacist Jeff Doris said.

Doris’ been standing on his feet behind the counter for a long time. As you can imagine, it’s been rough on his body.

“I was given some samples of pain relieving creme containing CBD’s, I tried it on my knees, I’ve been standing for 30 years, my knees are going out. It worked amazingly well, amazingly quickly, I was plesantly surprised. I didn’t get a buzz and start listening to Pink Floyd.”

Doris bought the product, but has yet to sell it in his store due to conflicting research he’s read from around the state.

“Excise police had seized products from various natural product stores, but then I subsequently read the seizures were illegal or unnecessary,” Doris said.

According to Indiana law, products containing CBD or hemp extracted oil are legal to sell as long as the THC levels, or what gets you high, is under . 03 %. I talked with the president of Betru Organics, the products doris purchased,  she says their product contains zero THC.

“Actually our body pain relief creme is FDA, OTC compliant meaning we are legal to be sold over the counter as a pain relief, just like asprin. So we have our hemp is actually certified organic by EU standards, which is higher than USDA,” Julie Wilson, president of Betru said.

But for Doris, it will take a more structured outline by the state before these products hit his shelves. A substitute he already knows can benefit his patients.

“I see a couple of people who are on monstorous doses of anti-seizure medicines which I think this may be an alternative for, I don’t think this will be an end all. I think this will be another tool,” Doris said.

The president of Betru Organics tells me one reason they started the company and selling these products is to alleviate the opioid epidemic around the nation. She says these products would help the rehabilitation process with physical pain and anxiety.

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