Hearing Concerned Voices

Lots of different topics were brought before three representatives and a senator Saturday morning at the Vigo County Public Library.
Concerned citizens just want to make sure their voices are heard. 
“Honestly, I felt like we were in a repeat mode from the presidential campaign,” says Barbara Battista. “And I was hoping that we in Vigo County, the Wabash Valley, would have found our way back to civil discourse.” 
“I think today was a little more heated than normal, but I think there are some major issues out there,” says Dr. Crystal Reynolds. 
Through the clapping, agreements, disagreements and boo’s, three representatives and a senator made their way to the Vigo County Public Library to hear what citizens had to say. 
“That’s what democracy is all about,” says Representative Clyde Kersey, 43rd district. “And that is getting input from people and we can take the input we got today, take it back to Indianapolis, and it will help us set policy and also vote on issues.” 
“But it’s good,” says Representative Robert Heaton, 46th district. “It’s good to get that feed back and have dialog with the people.” 
No matter their views, citizens are glad an opportunity like this exists.
“But the local politics and the local open forums are equally important,” says Battista. “So we need opportunities to go face to face with our elected representatives and this is a invaluable resource.” 
“I believe it’s good to, and healthy,” says Ted Czanderna. 
The big topic of the day was a proposed bill to bring a casino into town. 
In a sea of stickers inscribed “Casi-NO!” it wasn’t hard to miss. 
“It’s pretty unsavory,” says Debbie Sitarski. “And we question why we would deliberately invite a gambling operation into our community when we have so many unsolved and unanswered social needs at the present time.” 
But at the end of the open forum, citizens left with their voices heard and the legislators left with a notes and some thinking to do. 
“I observed them,” says Dr. Reynolds. “They listened. They took notes. They may not agree with everything we’ve said but they were listening and I think they will try to find answers, try to seek more information, try to get the facts.”
Contact information listed below:
Senator Jon Ford, District 38
Representative Clyde Kersey, District 43
Representative Bruce Borders, District 45
Representative Robert Heaton, District 46

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