Have You Seen Annie?


Posters have been laminated and hung around Terre Haute, all asking have you seen Annie?  

For the last two months, posters like this one have had a home underneath stop signs. 

It’s just one way that members of a family are trying to find Annie. 

“You know she would never leave my side for anything and until we lost her, we never even released we’d never call for her before,” Jim Martin said. 

“I started crying and I didn’t know what to say,” Ziah Martin said. “It’s just heartbreaking to know that your family dog, your pet, just ran away.”  

The Martin family’s 3-year-old Sheltie Annie escaped from a local vet on September 14th.  

Since then the family has gone above and beyond to find their missing family member.  

“The very first thing we did was call every friend we had, and we had about 28 people looking that day,” Jami said.  “Everywhere she’s ever been seen there is a flyer or a banner.” 

“It’s definitely not fun,” Andy Martin said. “There’s been a lot of hours spent.” 

The martins have spent more than 5 thousand dollars for filers and signs that have been placed on the south side of Terre Haute and Vigo county.  

Annie has been as far north as Regional Hospital and as far south as the Industrial Park. 

The family has even purchased television commercial and hired a detective. 

One time, Annie was spotted near a church, so the Martin’s parked their camper in the parking lot hoping to find their dog. 

“We’ve had things shared over a thousand times and people that have started following our post with Annie that will just message us,” Jami Martin said. “It is just overwhelming how wonderful the community has been and how much people really do try to help and support you.”  

Now, with thanksgiving just days away, it’s been more than a week since Annie was last seen. 

But the martin’s say they will never give up hope and they will keep trying. 

“It’s like your children, if your children were missing, you’d keep looking,” Andy Martin said.   

“We keep telling Ziah we don’t leave anybody behind, and you know she’s are family,” Jami Martin said.

The detective hired by the family believes that Annie is following train tracks and creeks near the Springhill Drive.  

If you see Annie the family says she is shy and frightened.  

So, the best thing to do, is take a picture and call 812-878-8923

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