Labor Day weekend is officially here.
That means s’mores, hot dogs and nights around the camp fire, the perfect vacation for the Turner family. 
“As busy as life is now, you don’t get to see everybody all the time,” Charlotte Turner said. “So you know, this helps bring everybody together. We all just get together, pitch in food, we just have old time.”
For over 30 years, Charlotte Turner and her family have been camping all over the United States.
And the past three years, the Brookston, Indiana natives have headed to the valley.
“We always go camping on Labor Day and we love Shakamak cause it’s such a pretty park,” Charlotte Turner said. 
But in order to get their spot campers had to book six months in advance. 
“You know we are busy during the summer season, generally from Labor Day through Memorial Day and on into October,” Kenna Duguay said. “We are full this weekend every site is rented. So we are looking forward to a big crowd. 
Shakamak State Park assistant property manger, Kenna Duguay, says  when it comes to camping, it’s all about nature and the company of others. 
“Pretty much and enjoying each other company  because some people do come camping with their friends,” Kenna Duguay said.  
For the Turners, camping is a tradition that never gets old. 
“If you’re at home and cooking out ,there’s always something to do at home,” Scott Turner said. “But camping is more of just sit down and relax. You don’t have the pressures of I got to get mowed, or do this. It’s more relaxing. You can sit down and have good conversations so that why we like it.”
While it’s too late to find a spot at state campgrounds this Labor Day weekend, there’s always next year. Just remember you have to book six months in advance.