There are a variety of Halloween activities to do around the Valley, but this one really gives you a bang for you buck.

Top Guns in Terre Haute is showing how even a shooting range can get in the Halloween spirit.

The indoor shooting range offers something that the Wabash Valley really hasn’t seen before. But this latest project, a zombie shoot house is rare for Terre Haute and ideal for zombie fanatics.

“Clients are able to go through the shoot house and it’s all set up with sounds and zombies and 3 dimensional targets. That you’ll be able to go through, neutralize any threat,” Top Guns owner Steve Ellis said.

A shoot house is unique to Terre Haute, but since Top Guns upgraded its location, space and services, it’s now a reality.

Adding a Halloween twist is just for fun.

“I thought, Halloweens’ coming up, zombies, everything with the walking dead… Lets go shoot some zombies, everyone can have fun and see what our shoot houses are all about,” Lead range instructor, Eric Cunningham said.

The zombie shoot house was his brain child.

“I think we were a little apprehensive at first because we weren’t sure what it was going to be like, but this guy is so good and very safe at what he does,” Ellis said.

Before going through the shoot house, patrons must watch a safety briefing video and step into a range with an instructor to verify they’re ready to take on a zombie apocalypse.

“It helps the customer out, God forbid they have that bump in the night scenario, and would have to go investigate what that’s about in their own home, but at least they have some kind of training on that,” Cunningham said.

Applying training tips in the shoot house like lighting and footing are beneficial take always and of course, the adrenaline rush.

“I always notice when people come out of our shoot house, they’re always smiling, it’s one of the greatest things they’ve ever done with a fire arm in their hand,” Cunningham said.

You must be 18 years old to go through the zombie shoot house, it offers both mobile and stationary targets. The shoot house will be open tomorrow starting at 10 a-m to 8 p-m, it lasts until November 3.

Each patron will go through the shoot house twice, both times with a range instructor. They’ll be critiqued on their shooting and safety abilities. The zombie shoot house costs ten dollars to participate.