An 8.6 million dollar project is reaching the halfway point of construction.

A wet February is stalling progress. 

A lot of folks are looking forward to the completion of the Margaret Avenue overpass, but while construction is underway, it’s causing headaches for first responders, residents and businesses too.

“It’s gonna be good later, but right now it’s a pretty big difficulty especially for Trans Care,” says Judy Green.  

Just because the road is closed by a crane and large holes in the ground doesn’t stop patient care. 

“Sometimes it’s making it where we’re late and so that makes it really difficult for the patients and things,” says Green. 

The full closure does interfere with the direct path for emergency responders and those transporting patients. 

“As far as the emergency side of it I know that’s probably theirs too,” says Green. 

“Theft has become a problem here lately and it’s an easy target,” says Jim Ransom. 

That has left an open invitation to this Express Mart.  

“The store had gotten vandalized a few weeks ago so we’re here replacing some of the copper lines and stuff that got taken out of the store,” says Ransom. 

Shelves inside the Express Mart are empty.

Gas pumps are blank.

All signs showing construction has temporarily put them out of business. 

“They’re looking to open the store back up probably about in another week- maybe two weeks,” says Ransom. 

The project is at its halfway point and those in the area say it very well may just be worth the wait.

“Building new things is always something to be proud of,” says Ransom.  

“The construction is really not that big of a pain, compared to what we were dealing with anyway,” says Green. “It’s going to make it so much better.”

The project is pegged to be completed by October of this year. 

A crane is now on location, so hopefully we’ll start seeing some of the new overpass begin to take form once this weather cooperates. 

There are detours in place, but remember to use caution and slow down your speeds through residential areas. 

The new overpass that’s being built will mirror the bridge on Third Street.

Mayor Bennett says about 40 trains travel that crossing each day.

That’s more than half the daily train traffic that passes through Terre Haute.