Greencastle Group Welcomes Refugees


As you head in to Greencastle you just can’t help it. Your eyes are drawn to the sidewalks, there, sign after sign share messages of welcome… with open arms.

J.D. Grove says “I think it’s crucial, I mean this is every little town in America. If we can be welcoming, there is no reason to think every group of people in American can’t.”

It may surprise you but this didn’t start with President Trump’s recent attempt to ban refugees from coming to the United States. The signs first appeared after then Governor Mike Pence declared Indiana would not accept Syrian refugees.

“We are all the same people, and we need to help people in crisis all over the world.” says Grove

J.D. Grove is the owner of Conspire: Contemporary Craft. But she’s part of a much larger group called Putnam County Greater Good.

Grove says “Its a big group of very diverse people. We’ve got high school students, professors from Depauw, we’ve got pastors from the community, mothers with toddlers… Just lots of really different people.”

Their message is simple, show that they care.

“We all have a basic desire to make things easier for people who are struggling here.”

The likelihood of a refugee settling in Greencastle may be slim by J.D. says that shouldn’t matter.  

Grove says “I’m not sure it’s one hundred percent meant to be a guiding post for refugees. I think it’s partly all for us here in Greencastle. A lot of this is about maintaining the American dream the way we envision it, which is this is a free place people can come from horrible situations in other countries.”

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