Governor Rauner To Sign Abortion Bill


There’s a big announcement tonight out of Illinois. And while it’s gaining a huge amount of attention, it’s also putting the governor in the hot seat.

Today, Illinois Governor Bruce Rauner announced that he has made a decision regarding a controversial abortion bill.

He took a big step today by sticking to his word about women’s reproductive rights, but now he’s in a bit of a pickle. All along, Rauner has said he’s pro-choice. He even signed a form, vowing to sign a bill like this one on the campaign trail.

But then, he threw folks for a loop in April when he flip-flopped and vowed to veto the bill. In the end, he chose to break his promise to Republicans.

And now, dozens of them are turning their back on him over the new part of the law, which allows people on Medicaid to use tax dollars to pay for their abortions.

“I had to make a decision. I had to do what i believe is right for the people of Illinois. I have to be consistent with my values, and that is what I have done,” says Rauner.

Rauner also says he tried for months to find common ground with both sides, but was unsuccessful.

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