Without funding from our country’s government, many federal buildings have been forced to close and workers have been sent home. After nearly two weeks, the Wabash Valley is also feeling the effects.

When folks arrive at the George Rogers Clark National Historical Park, the experience may not be the same as usual, with the Park’s Memorial and Visitor Center being temporarily closed due to the government shutdown.
The United States Department of Agriculture office in Terre Haute has also fell to the same fate, with signs on their door reading, “This office is currently closed due to the lapse in federal government funding.”
With buildings, parks, and employees becoming the victim of this shutdown, folks in the Valley are ready for it to come to an end.

“There’s a lot of good hard-working people and there’s a lot of great things in this country that are not available to us as citizens because of the shutdown and it’s just a shame,” said Dan Markham, GRCNHP visitor.

Although the shutdown has had negative effects, according to a study by WalletHub, Indiana has been ranked the fifth least impacted state.