Christians around the world and here at home are observing Good Friday. It’s the lead up to the faith’s most holy day.

Today in Marshall, members of the First United Methodist Church gathered for a Way of the Cross march. Their journey started at the Clark County courthouse with stops along with way for reading scripture and singing hymns.

“The distance we cover here going down to Route 1, and then out to Marshall Square is the distance that Jesus carried the cross on the Via Dolorosa on the day he was crucified,” said Pastor Richard Lewis.

This has become a Good Friday tradition for the congregation. Today marked the fifth year for the observance.

“We want to make sure everybody understands that God is alive and well. He wants us to be happy and He wants a relationship with us and to do that He gave us his son Jesus Christ. And so we want to be a reminder of that gift and not take it for granted,” said Pastor Lewis.