Golf Cart Ordinance, Public Safety

One four-wheeled vehicle is taking to the city streets in Vincennes and now community leaders are educating drivers and residents about the rules for golf carts.
With the weather being nice, and a lot of festivals and summer activities underway, golf carts are a  cleaner and greener way of transportation. 
But, there are some things you need to keep in mind before hitting the road.
On a normal day, you can find plenty of golf carts at the Vincennes Elks Golf Club taking players to and from the tees and greens.  
But for Bonnie Neighbors, her golf cart gets her to her errands. 
“We just take a little ride around the neighborhood and we just use it mostly to go to the store and take a little ride and that’s about it,” says Neighbors. 
While Neighbors enjoys her rides with her grandson, Chase, Vincennes Police Chief, Dusty Luking, says there is a city ordinance to follow.
“Basically we just wanted to kind of update the public on the guidelines for the golf carts used here in town,” says Chief Luking. “People have been very compliant. We’ve had lots of good luck. We wanted to just kind of refresh everyone’s memory on what’s up.”
Golf cart drivers must have a regular drivers license, and the cart needs some specific accessories like seatbelts, headlights, turn signals, and a slow moving sign on the back. 
“If anybody comes us behind us, we just move over,” says Neighbors. “And you know, let them go by. That way, we don’t have to try to speed up because it [doesn’t] go very fast. Probably just maybe goes, 15 or 20 [mph]. I don’t think it’ll go very fast…”
Chief Luking says the majority of golf cart drivers seem to be the older population; however, all vehicles on the roads need to comply with standard driving rules and regulations. 
“I would say its kind of like motorcycle riders as well,” says Chief Luking. “They like to get out have their hair blow a little bit when they are driving, kind of like a convertible.” 
Chief Luking says anyone who wishes to drive a golf cart on city streets in Vincennes needs to get a one-time inspection done by the police department, and then pay an annual fee to the clerk’s office, which is running around $12. 
It is a good idea to always call your local city hall for the specifics of their own golf cart policy. 

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