Going The Extra Mile


There are many classes and clubs at both the high school and college level that give students hands on experience.

Some of the activities offer an instant impact.

In just over a month multiple high schools and colleges will all compete to see who can build and drive a car the farthest using the fewest resources including gas.

Not only is it a tough task challenging students’ design and engineering skills, but it’s an issue car makers have been fighting for decades.

When going on spring break in the upcoming weeks or the next time you are in a car think about how nice it would be to not have to worry about gas prices or stopping to fuel up; instead incredible fuel efficiency would power your journey.

Students at Rose-Hulman say the cars may not be practical yet, but that’s what these competitions are for.

At the national competition in Detroit, high schools will also be competing, which includes the Golden Arrows of Sullivan High School.

The arrows tune their tools for that weekend, not only gaining more experience for the work field. But also to add more hardware to the collection.

For a few in the program, their plans after high school are not in the automotive field junior Jakob Barney hoped to become a doctor, but after wrenching on the car, he is leaning towards something in both fields. No matter his choice, being in the club teaches skills beneficial to any career path.

“This just taught years of problem solving skills. How to determine a problem how to fix it, how to come up with the best solution to make something better,” says Barney.
Rose-Hulman works with sponsors which helps them fund their team, while Sullivan High School’s budget relies mainly on local community donations.   


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