Gibault’s Licensing and Accreditation


Gibault children services in Terre Haute is described as a mental health service for children from 6 years old to 21.

Several former employees talked to our Sadie All about their concerns with the treatment of the children in Gibault’s care.

Last night, Sadie All shared the disturbing accusations.

She spoke with Nick Sallee, who is a former Gibault employee. He claims that some workers use restraint holds on the children as a form of retribution.

She also talked with a couple of other former employees who also felt uneasy with some of the behavior they witnessed.

As part of our examination of these claims, we looked into Gibault’s licensing and accreditation.

After roughly a month of making phone calls and sending emails with inquiries to Gibault, the Indiana Department of Child Services and the Council on Accreditation … This is what we got.

CEO of Gibault, Michele Madley sent a statement.

Although they couldn’t comment on the specific allegation due to staff confidentiality… They did say:

“Gibault cooperates with the Department of Child Services, state licensing and Child Protective Services”

Going on to say that all allegations of abuse from the facility are turned over to CPS for external review.

CPS has access to any documentation they request including video footage recorded during alleged abuse.

The statement goes on to say… “there is no story when an agency conducts itself accordingly” and “all staff hired are approved by DCS.”

We reached out to DCS which licenses Gibault. We were told our questions were carefully being reviewed and a response would come in a resonable amount of time. It’s now been one month and four days and we’re still waiting.

We sent similar questions to the Council of Accreditation:

Is Gibault accreditated by COA as stated on their web page?

What’s involed to obtain the accreditation?

How often does COA review gibault?

The CEO of the Council on Accredidation confirmed that gibault has been accredited by the COA since 1994.

That’s through a ‘self study’ provided by the facility itself every four years.

CEO Richard Klarberg’s email went on to explain that study is essentially a summary of the facility’s policies, procedures and description of the services it provides.

After the study, trained professional reviewers visit the organization, interviews members of the board, staff and consumers of its services and observes the facilities.

Their results are then reviewed by a separate team of reviewers.

Other questions we asked:

Has Gibault’s accreditation ever been revoked?

Does COA have complaints filed against Gibault available for public review?

And does COA have an active review or investigation underway of Gibault?

Klarberg did not answer any of these questions in his email but did state that COA’s communication with an agency seeking accreditation is confidential with few exceptions.

And that he’s ‘not at liberty to provide [us] With additional information specific to Gibault except its accreditation status.’

The CEO of the Council on Accredidation, Richard Klarberg’s email also addressed, that an accredited agency like Gibault is required to file a maintenence of accreditation report each year.

They’re also to report any critical events like loss of licensure, the closing of a program, or the death of a client.

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