Getting the Vote in Early


As the presidential election races on, election fever has hit the schools of Marshall Illinois. We’ll tell you how a mock political process, is leading to real inspiration.

The polls are open! As Marshall waves their patriotism in order to explain the political process to school kids, both small and not so small voters. “It was cool, it was awesome,” says tiny mock voter, Raegan Wernz.

The Marshall school district organized a mock presidential election. High school students, and tiny voters went through all the steps of a voting line. Equipped with booths, and even voter ballots. For Civics Teacher, Curtis Cline, it was about getting the kids motivated to learn more.

“In second grade, in 1980, it was the Reagan/Carter election and we had a bunch of high school kids run a mock election for  us in second grade and it’s left a lasting impression on me it’s one of things that got me excited and involved in the American government and lead to me teaching,” says Cline.
And the whole experience was something truly inspiring for these Americans. Allowing them, even in a small way, to feel like they were part of the real election.

“It feels cool whenever you vote, it’s like if you’re a  kid, it would be like your first time voting and you’re not old enough to do a real vote it’s just real cool,” says Wernz.  

For high school students it’s helped them learn more about debates, and the  entire electoral process. “I don’t think a lot of Americans now are educated on each candidates position on multiple topics,” says Junior at Marshall High School, Gabe Daugherty.

Something Mr. Cline hopes will carry on into their adult lives, leaving them with the dedication to cast ballots for real, one day soon.

“Especially for the younger kids, it’s exciting to feel like you’re part of the electoral process even if you’re not old enough to vote particularly in my classes I just love to see them expanding their knowledge and being well informed people and actually learning that is a civic responsibility in the future,” concludes Cline.  

Who won that mock election? Donald Trump grabbed 56 percent of the vote. Hillary Clinton got 28 percent. Third party candidates Gary Johnson and Jill Stein also received a number of votes.

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