Get Lost in the Sunflowers


Judy Eckert and her garden club friends left Terre Haute for a day in the country.  “Well we came to enjoy the beautiful sunflowers that we’ve heard so much about.”

Their journey to L and A Family Farms in Edgar County, Illinois didn’t take long, but it seems the acres of sunflowers are worth a bit of travel.

“We are amazed at the distance people are coming to come to the maze. We’re getting people from five, six hours away,” said Brian Lau.

Lau has watched his farm’s popularity grow, right along with the sunflowers. This year, they’ve mapped out six different plantings, which will keep the colorful blooms popping up well into August, maybe even September.  

“It’s a really neat experience to walk through all these flowers, and see the bees and the butterflies,” said Lau.

When the flowers reach about knee high, Brian and his crew cut the maze design. This year’s first sunflower maze carries a special message. Carved in the sunflowers is the message “Marry Me”, a surprise proposal for Brian’s daughter. And she said yes.

Most folks won’t find wedded bliss among the sunflowers, but they will definitely leave with a smile, and maybe a better understanding of what it takes to be happy.

“It’s quiet out here, and you can just take in all the beauty, and relax from all the stress you normally have,” said Everett Lau.

As an added bonus to the farm, the sunflowers are harvested and sold for bird seed. Each acre contains about 25,000 plants that will produce up to 1,000 pounds of seed.

L and A Family Farms is located on Staley Road in the southeast corner of Edgar County.

Click here to connect to the farm’s web page.

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