Former FBI Agent Reacts To Comey Firing


“I think the way it all went down was inappropriate, dishonorable. I think there could have been a better way to address his termination,” said Former FBI Agent, Louis Caprino Jr.

Caprino has left the FBI and now serves at Vincennes University. There were several directors during his 29 years at the bureau. He’s kept a close watch on the developments surround James Comey’s firing.

“The role of the director has never been one, nor should it be, tied to a political party or political belief. And i think the fact that former Director Comey made public announcements about Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump in a position where he didn’t have to do that and perhaps shouldn’t have done that,” said Caprino.

Caprino thinks moral of field agents and other FBI employees has been effected for the past year, but the future of the agency can change that very quickly.

“I think they had some questions and concern about the fact when he was perhaps becoming a little too political and public in his comments but I don’t think overall it will have too much of an effect but it is really really important of who replaces the director,” said Caprino.

And, Caprino is mindful of the timing of the unfolding events.

“I don’t know the real reason or the timing for it. I do think the timing will create some suspicion as it already has. But it’s important to note that the FBI is bigger than one man. So what ever pending investigations are on going weather it involves Donald Trump or any one else will continue so I don’t think it has an overall effect.”

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