Flights Depart


Remaining aircrafts are getting set for departure as the Terre Haute Air Show has come to a close.

“I think the event was great. We had two fabulous air shows as good as any air show you”ll see anywhere in the country.”, Bill Foraker, Director of the Terre Haute Show.

The event which was a success for the most part did experience some turbulence.

We built a temp city out here, a temporary city. For 40,000 people to go for two days. And everything was going fine until Friday when it rained.” says Foraker.

Foraker says that backup plans were in place for a potential lack of parking, but the heavy rains created a larger issue than anticipated. 

“We didn’t have a backup plan for 100% of our parking. I don’t know any event that could lose one hundred percent of its parking the day before an event and not have chaos the next day”, Foraker says.

Although, parking may have dampened moods on Saturday, Foraker does believe that the shows were still a bright spot. 

“Saturday we had a great show for the people that could get in and Sunday we fixed all that. We went back to our normal plan and everything worked very smoothly on Sunday.”, Foraker. 

Now that the air show is over clean up crews are taking down fences, tents, and planes and pilots have returned home.

“By Thursday the place will look normal except for a few ruts in the grass” says Foraker.

The Terre Haute Air Show will not take place next year, but organizers hope to have another one in the near future.

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