‘Finley’s Fighters’ A community’s effort to fund seven month old’s treatment journey


A Terre Haute woman is raising funds for the treatment of her daughter who is one in 100,000.

Seven month old Finley was born with a rare genetic disease which has no cure.

MPS-1 or Hurler’s Syndrome, occurs when the patient is missing an enzyme responsible for breaking down sugars in the body.  

Because of this deficiency, sugars build up in the organs and bones.

Finley is currently going through enzyme replacement therapy until her treatment begins on June 18th.

Due to the rarity of the disease, Finely and her mother Brooke Biddle will be temporarily moving to Cincinnati, OH for treatment at the Cincinnati Children’s Hospital.

Biddle says the support from ‘Finley’s Fighters’ is making her journey to treatment possible.

“It’s unbelievable,” she said. “I know we’ve always had a lot of support, but just to see it all come together has been a wonderful thing.”

In Cincinnati Finley will begin chemo therapy as well as receive a bone marrow transplant.

Biddle has a Facebook page for Finley where friends and family can stay up to date on her journey.

To follow Finley’s treatment click this link.

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