Financial Aid Delay


There’s a familiar process for students receiving Financial Aid at Indiana State University.

The Department of Education selects a third of the student body to complete verification. Then the students supply documents to confirm that all of their information matches.    

But with the government shutdown, some students are finding extra steps in the confirmation process.

Since the IRS is impacted by the government shutdown, students have been unable to access their tax return transcripts, for those who were still in the process of verification, that means their accounts are on hold.    

Financial Aid officials say they’ve been reaching out to all impacted students this week and are confident all students will receive their aid.

Dejanee Joshua waited in the Financial Aid office Friday, several days before the spring semester starts to sort out her financial issues.

“I logged on, I would say two days ago and i saw i had a hold on my account. It was due to financial problems. I had to come in and sign extra documents to make sure I had eligibility,” the senior at Indiana State said.

Joshua is one student who was in the process of verification. With the government shutdown, the IRS office closed and she wasn’t able to access her tax return transcripts.

“I kind of depend on the refund, to get my books back or to pay rent up, small things like that,” Joshua said.

But she is already ahead of the game and close to being back on track.

Officials with Financial Aid say they were notified January 9th by the Department of Education that students could submit a 1040 in place of their tax document.

Since then, they’ve been reaching out to the roughly 20 students who did not complete verification before the December 22nd government shutdown.

“The Financial Aid Office has been and will continue to distribute aid to students… We will work with those students now to get the documents they need to get through verification and hopefully get their aid in as quick a manner as possible,” Randa Wells, assistant director of outreach and training said.

The verification process typically takes two weeks before it’s complete. This does not prevent students from attending the start of class next week, but there could be a delay in receiving Financial Aid.

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