Fighting the Cold

We are getting ready to hit some of the coldest days out of the year, and according to the National Weather Service, in these frigid conditions it could take 30 minutes for frostbite to set it. But there are ways to prevent it. 
“The biggest thing is to make sure you dress in layers, and make sure that you are prepared for the weather,” said Battalion Chief for Honey Creek Fire Department, Josh Sittler.   
You’ll know that frostbite sets in when your skin starts to feel numb, tingly, and starts to burn. 
“It can cause permanent damage. frostbite can and obviously hypothermia and it can cause death,” said Sittler.  
Firefighters across the Wabash Valley have to brave the weather no matter the circumstance. So dressing appropriately is a must. 
“You have to have the proper equipment. Of course we have our firefighting gear that keeps us warm. but you know this time of year, having an extra pair of socks, wanna make sure everything is dry and not to be wet and everything like that, because that lets the cold a lot quicker,” said Mike Pruitt, Firefighter at Honey Creek Fire Dept. 
With their gloves and Nomax hoods to cover the face, and the rest of their fire fighter gear. Protecting the skin for the icy air is crucial.
We got a chance to see fire fighters from across the valley train in this harsh cold air. 
“Right now it doesn’t get anymore real than this, when i have to  work with firefighters, and I am a firefighter myself. When we do what we have to do, we don’t get to pick the weather we doing it in,” said Mark Phillips, senior Instructor of High Line Rescue. 

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