Fewer Deer in the Headlights


Fall in Indiana. and deer season go together and that includes collisions caused by deer and other animals. 

“This time of year it is every day,” Bobbi Prose said. “We generally have more than one deer hit either towed in or driven in by a customer for an estimate every day of the week.” 

Bobbi Prose, owner of Honey Creek Collision And Custom Paint says that it’s common to see vehicles with damaged caused by deer. Those crashes create a steady stream of customers.

“Actually year round is probably the majority,” Prose said. “We probably in whole, get more business from deer hits then bad weather or any other natural things.” 

A recent state farm study, found that on average, one in every 145 Hoosier drivers will have an insurance claim for damage caused by deer. 
That is a lower number than last year, but the average cost for a claim has gone up more than one hundred dollars. 

“The range for deer hits is huge,” Prose said. “You can have someone that barely clips the deer, maybe breaks a headlight puts a could little dings in the car. And then we have cars like this one that hit a deer and are heavily damaged. The worse one we shall was a couple years ago and it was over 10 thousand dollars worth of damage.” 

So what do you do if you see a deer in the road?
The choice may not be as obvious as you think. 

“There’s no a lot you can do,” Prose said. “When you see one obviously you’re going to break but stay on the road. If you swerve to avoid the deer a lot of times you can cause much more damage going off the road. You can hit trees you can hit telephone polls and you can hurt your car more plus you can have injuries related to those accidents.”

Law enforcement recommends it’s better to hit the animal, than to swerve and try to avoid it.

The insurance study also found that from October to December the chances of hitting a deer more than doubles. 

And a majority of that is due to deer hunting and mating season.

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