FEDEX Employee Allegedly Steals Woman’s Wallet


This time of year people often worry about packages being left on their porch. One local woman’s experience has some wondering if the worry should start before the package has even been shipped.

Suzanne Gorgas was leaving from visiting a friend in Colorado, when four hours into her trip back, she realized she had left her wallet behind. That’s when the trouble began.

Gorgas thought a friend could easily ship a misplaced wallet.
But before the package arrived at her home, her identity was stolen.

“People at the counter packaged it and knew my wallet was in there. When it went over in their care and custody they took my wallet out and shipped me a bottle of lotion instead of my wallet,” said Gorgas.

She says that even before this package showed up on her doorstep, she knew something was wrong, “when I was sitting at conferences about 15 or getting text messages from the credit card company saying that they believe there was fraud going on on the credit cards.”

She immediately called FEDEX to make them aware that she suspected  one of their employees had stolen her wallet out of the package.

“I though for sure they would offer me some sort of resolve or investigated to find out who did this,” says Gorgas.

But she was wrong.
After Gorgas sent pictures of the package, FEDEX confirmed that the label had been cut from its original box and taped onto another before it left their Henderson, Colorado location.
But that they couldn’t find out who did it and that basically, that she was out of luck.
Gorgas was left with no wallet and no piece of mind.

“Actually completely left me stranded without any means,” says Gorgas.

At the time FEDEX officials said they were at a dead end.
We talked with local police to see what could be done in situations like this.

“You know some companies are good about giving information  some companies aren’t  but at the end of the day we can get subpoenas for it  and that’s the job of the police department  to investigate things and find out  if there is proof or not ,” says Ryan Adamson, THPD PIO.

Gorgas feels that more than loosing the material items, she is most distraught over FEDEX’s lack of customer care and the fact that this problem will never go away.

“My biggest fear is this this this information is out there forever now and I don’t know who has it, and so any day this could pop back up and be a huge issue for me going forward.”

We did talk to FEDEX today.
Their statement read:
“FEDEX is committed to the safe transport and delivery of all shipments, and we take this allegation seriously and will investigate.  As a matter of policy, we do not share details about individual customers or their shipments.”    

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