The new year often times brings new changes and that’s the case for a prayer service in the Wabash Valley.

Once a month, the church of the immaculate conception at St. Mary-of-the-woods, opens its doors for a special service.
“Taize prayer is a prayer that enables us in a very simple fashion to give people the place, the space and the time for that kind of peace,” said Director of the Providence Spirituality and Conference Center Sister Paula Damiano.
Over the past 4-years, the Taize’ prayer theme would change each month and reflect on subjects ranging from “change and growth” to “waiting” to ” chores and work.”

But, in 2017  there will be a single theme for each service and it’s all because of chaos across the country in 2016.
“There’s been so much violence.  There’s been so much negative rhetoric that we really think that peace is the thing that really is what we need more than anything.”
So prayers, music and the lighting of candles will help people on this year’s theme– “peace in the world and in our hearts .”
“Now, it will be different each month.  For example, I already know that in January we’re going to pray for peace, but looking in a new way of seeing others, seeing the world.  When we see people afresh, when we see people in new ways, it can bring peace into our hearts.”

The Taize prayer is open to anyone of any faith.

It takes place from 7 to 8 PM, on the first Tuesday of each month.

And the first service of this year is tomorrow.