Extreme Heat Means Extra Playground Precautions

Terre Haute, IN - When the weather warms up, parks are often a place parents take their children to have fun, but in extreme heat the equipment can become very dangerous.

Gary Starr takes his grand-daughter Megan to the playground to spend quality time together, but in hot weather he must think about her safety.

"We've been out here for 45 minutes and it's starting to get warm. All the playground is getting sunny now so another 15 or 20 minutes and we're going to find an air conditioner somewhere." Gary Starr, grandparent.

Gary is right to be cautious. Using a heat gun we found temperatures on the slides exceeded 120 degrees. Both Gary and Megan know when the park equipment is simply too hot.

"I felt the slide a few minutes ago and it was warm. Megan said it was warm when she sat down on it. So she said im not going down this one." said Starr.

A local paramedic says there are many dangers that come with hot surfaces and he suggests people be mindful when they're in the heat.

"Things do get hot, I think we underestimate the power of the sun at times. And you see people walking around sun burned all the time. You just need to be cognizant in the fact that the sun has a lot of power and heats up a lot of things and we just need to be safe." said Lt. Kevin Murphy, Honey Creek Fire Department.

Since parents don't use the equipment themselves, they may not realize the risk for injury.

"Often times as adults or parents we're not on the play equipment with them. So we don't take that time to figure out if it is hot." says Lt. Murphy. There is advice for treating burns if they do occur.

"Cool the wound with just some cool water. If there's not blistering or anything just keep it clean and dry.", Lt. Murphy.

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