Expanding Opioid Recovery Services


The state of Indiana has awarded two licenses to the Hamilton Center.

That means the center can open new methadone clinics around the state. The Western Indiana Recovery Services in Vigo County has served as a model for opioid recovery.

Now two facilities in Knox and Hendricks Counties will attempt to replicate the Vigo County program.

The indiana State Department of Health reported that there were 1,138 opioid related deaths in 2017.

Melvin Burks CEO of the Hamilton Center tells me today that there were 9 counties around the state in need of methadone clinics, however the Hamilton Center was awarded the licenses for Knox and Hendricks Counties.

“If you only see some of the statistics of what its doing to our youth to our people,” Burks said.

The opioid epidemic isn’t a breaking story. We’ve heard about it for years and watched it grow into the issue that it is today. The Hamilton Center opened the Western Indiana Recovery Services in May 2018. It’s the first methadone recovery clinic in Vigo County. They see 120 people in and out each day to receive medication and therapy once a week.

“I think that’s not even the tip of the iceburg, I think there are so many people who need that help, but they’re afraid,” Jessica Nevill, clinic director at the Western Indiana Recovery Services said.

She say’s since may 2018, they’ve seen two successes. But every patient is different.

“A lot of individuals coming in have experienced trauma, and that’s when they began using … Some came from an injury … Then there’s the stigma of getting help… Our goal is to take that fear away,” she said.

Which means recovery and recovery time is different for everyone, but that doesn’t have to be a bad thing.

“It’s amazing everyday to watch the amount of change these individuals experience and the hope that’s generated from this location.”

It’s that hope that the hamilton center hopes to replicate with these two licenses in Knox and Hendricks Counties.

“We feel that we can put together a strong program to provide service to those areas to help them live a very quality of life,” Burks said.

Burks says there were 9 counties overall in need of methdone recovery clinics, but the Hamilton Center’s help may not stop with just two.

“There’s 7 more so we may go for another one.”

The Hamilton Center worked closely with Sagamore Medical Recovery Services to help with medical and behavioral interventions.    

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