A woman with very close ties to accused killer Johnus Orr took the witness stand today at his murder trial.

Orr’s ex-wife, Amber Rogers, answered questions about Orr and Tiffanie Adams. Rogers divorced Orr months after his arrest for killing Adams and her unborn child.

She recalled receiving text messages from Orr the day Adams disappeared. Rogers said Orr would not tell her whose phone he was using. A witness yesterday said that phone belonged to Adams.

Thursday’s testimony also revealed than in January 2015, when police arrested Orr, Rogers told investigators that if Orr had choked Adams, she would have fought back. Rogers told the court, she did not notice any marks on her ex-husband.

Police say, at that point,  no one knew Adams was strangled, except law enforcement.

Sullivan County Sheriff Clark Cottom was also called to the witness stand today. He talked about his interview with Johnus Orr.

Testimony resumes Friday morning. Closing arguments could happen as soon as Friday afternoon.