Evaluating The Set Backs


The original completion date for the latest construction on South 7th Street has come and gone and crews still have a lot of work to do considering they are still on the first phase of a two part project.
It isn’t often that a construction project goes from start to finish without running into some type of issue.
That is the story for the hold up on South 7th Street, but the issue they discovered under the pavement was big and made of steel.

Local businesses near the construction site have watched the work and say the lagging progress isn’t due to lack of effort.

Donald Pomeroy with Garvin and Lindster Auto Service says, “somebody is out here every day. Not a lot of people every day but somebody is out here every day.”

The project fell behind schedule at the beginning due to work that needed to be done by the water company but that only cost crews 12 days.

Phase one of this project started at 7th and Voorhees where it took crews digging through blocks of asphalt to Hulman Street before they discovered they had about 72 extra days of work ahead of them.

Brad Utz, Director of Inspection with the Terre Haute Engineers says, “once we started excavating, we didn’t have good information on how deep the gas lines were,”
Those gas lines were made of steel and ended up adding 60 days to the project time.

“In the end it was determined it was going to be quicker to just put in a new gas main and then replace all the gas services with plastic at a lower elevation,” says Utz. He Anticipates it will take around 30 more days to complete phase one then they will move onto phase two which runs from Vorhees to Wheeler.
“The water company will still probably have to do some work, but there work isn’t going to take much time. The good news is the gas company’s work is not needed down through there because there is a main in 7th st. south of Vorhees, but it is already dead, they are already servicing people from the alley,” says Utz.

The set backs are frustrating but Utz calls them necessary, “we didn’t have a choice, we had to let them come in and replace them.”

Despite the inconvenience, people like Donald Pomeroy say the end product will be worth it, “oh yeah, the better the shop looks the more appealing it is for customers, yes.”

Vectren planned to replace the gas main on South 7th Street in either 2020 or 2021. 
With the street project forcing the gas project to be moved up it will help cut down on future construction for that area.

The construction crews are still putting in an official application for a project extension but as of now, the inspector for the city engineers expects the project to be complete 60 days from now.

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