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Emergencies happen daily. 

But a piece of legislation, working it’s way through the Indiana Statehouse, could help with communication when something does happen.

It will give police a faster and more efficient way to notify family contacts when one of their loved ones is hurt.

It’s a concept derived from Representative Anthony Cook of Cicero, Indiana. 

The bill is currently at the Senate for consideration, after being passed by the House.

Local law enforcement and residents I spoke to today back the effort completely.  

“Any time that we can add a tool that can help us help a victim, we win,” says Ryan Adamson, THPD.  “More importantly, the victim wins and the community wins.” 

Representative Cook’s bill would require the Bureau of Motor Vehicles to create, maintain and operate the Indiana emergency database. 

Law enforcement would be able to access and notify the emergency contacts of a person after learning of a death, or serious bodily injury.

Police say those emergency contacts could provide vital information about a patient, such as blood types or allergies.

“And that’s what we’re all about,” says Adamson. “Is saving lives. Making our community a safer place and this is just one tool that will help us do that.” 

And for Steve Dilg of Terre Haute, “I just lost a nephew, uh two years ago. He got hit on Harlan Road.” 

He says something like this could save so many lives and help with gut wrenching emotions. 

“I think we need it,” says Dilg. “I think it should be here. It should’ve already been here, I think.” 

This effort is one that could save more than just time. 

“When it comes down to life and death, you need the database,” says Dilg. “I guarantee you that now.” 

“When the state of Indiana, you know, can save lives and we can help with the police department and people can sign up and saves lives…that’s important,” says Adamson. “Because every body wins in that situation.”

 If the bill is signed into law, the database would be operational no later than July 1, 2019. 

And the database would also be confidential and not open for public use.

Emergency contacts would be added when you visit the BMV. 

Each person could have two listed emergency contacts.

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