TERRE HAUTE, Ind. (WTWO-WAWV) — A major effort by local leaders is underway to improve the health of people living in the area.

During a press conference, on Wednesday, Terre Haute and Vigo County received the “Indiana Healthy Communities Designation” from the Wellness Council of Indiana. The designation was made possible thanks to the efforts of a number of local representatives from business, health, government and non-profit organizations.

The group established four areas of focus. Those include: physical activity, nutrition, health behavior and the involvement of employers. It’s a major undertaking, but officials are determined to improve the quality of life in the area and that starts with organization.

“Once these subcommittees get formed, we’ll look at specific metrics that we want to measure over time and between all of those, and as we have a community dashboard those will be included on them so everyone can see,” said Josh Alsip, director of community engagement Terre Haute Chamber of Commerce.

Alsip says they really want to move the needle and make an impact. In the coming weeks, officials plan to start work on the four health areas.