Easter Pet Safety


The Easter holiday doesn’t typically include an elaborate or lengthy celebration, but it’s still one that will have you on your toes when it comes to the family pet.

Having pets is a full time job, especially when we’re talking about their safety and this time of year, there are some steps you can take that will be beneficial to your pets’ health.

“Every holiday I have a problem with a pet that’s done something (laughs) It’s just part of the territory,” Dr. Michael Staub said.

The Easter festivities and candies are out and about, which means local vet’s offices will receive some calls.

Because your curious companions will do what they do best and who doesn’t love chocolate?

“Cats tend to be a little more picky about what they eat, dogs however, they see something on the table they’re going to take it down,” Dr. Staub said.   

Veterinarian Michael Staub says he sees four to five animals the week after Easter. But it’s not just because of chocolate, Easter foods like ham can cause inflammation of the pancreas in dogs. And grass is a favorite for cats even if it’s fake.

“They’ll play with it and they either swallow it, if it gets enough of it in there it can cause some intestinal problems if it gets enough in there, it can require surgery,” Dr. Staub said.   

Fred Strohm works with maintaining a happy environment at the Terre Haute Humane Society, a dog owner himself, he says keeping pets safe can boil down to a home environment.

“If you see the dog chewing on something it’s not supposed to do, you then take that something away and give them something they are supposed to chew on, so their bone, just shaping their behavior,” Strohm said.   

But as pet owners know, animals will do as they please and around the holidays, you pretty much have to baby-proof your home.

“Just good pet parenting, making sure they’re not getting into anything they’re not supposed to,” Strohm said.

Another thing to keep in mind, Easter tradition has families hiding treats around the house or yard for egg hunts. Some of that candy may be overlooked, then found later by your pet. According to the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, the organization’s poison-control center receives more calls on Easter than at Christmas, Valentine’s Day and even Halloween.



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