Tuesday afternoon, members of the Vigo County Election Board held a public equipment test to make sure votes are being counted correctly.

“We run the data through a select number of machines. We pick enough precincts that we cover every candidate to get a vote in the different districts, and we run them one day and come back and run them again, to make sure the totals come out the same,” said Kevin Berry, RBM Consulting project manager.
Tuesday’s test comes after ballots had to be changed to move Terre Haute City Council candidate Tess Brooks-Stephens’ position on the ballot. It was done because her name was not in alphabetical order. According to Berry, who is a consultant for Vigo County’s election, replacing the ballots was a change that was fairly easy to make.

“In days of old they used to print ballots for every possible voter and that got thrown away, so now they print them up as they need them,” Berry said.

Berry says the tests did not reveal any issues.

One issue that is concerning officials is the turnout for early voting. According to Vigo County Clerk Brad Newman, the most recent numbers show 1,132 people have voted early versus the 2018 midterm election when Newman says 500 to 600 people voted early each day.

“What we’ve seen recently in Vigo County is the early voting was 50 percent of our voting in the last election,” Newman said.

Newman says he expects more people to turnout next week but low early voting numbers are troubling.

“If we see an election with 2,500 people. That’s kind of disheartening as to how people care about who their leadership are,” Newman said.

Newman also says early voting is critical because it typically has a direct correlation to the number of people who head to the polls on election day.

Municipal elections will take place next Tuesday, May 7th.