E-Bikes Now Allowed At Griffin Bike Park


The Griffin Bike Park is now allowing E-Bikes to help assist riders challenged.

“Our bikes will amplify your input by 360 percent,” said Fat Bikes Owner, Jim Mauriello.

But that small electric motor can make all the difference.

“I work with a population of disabled veterans and they are used for quite a few different things,” said disabled rider Charles McDonald.

E-Bikes allow riders no matter their physical ability to get on the trails. The option not only helps those with disabilities but those rehabbing from injury or using new prosthetic limbs.
“I have found that it rekindles your old muscle memory and brings your skills right back into place,” said David Sutphin of Fat Bikes.

Just like any bike, there are different styles available.  Local stores may not have many in stock, but the bikes are easily accessible.

“Come down to the shop. We will get you sized and on a bicycle so you can get comfortable with the size of it. We can show you the different options. I order bikes on Tuesday and they show up two days later, that is just as good as Amazon Prime,” said J’s Bikes Owner, Jerry Harnack.

Bike Park Manager Rich Moore says riders don’t have to worry about the trails being effected by the new addition.

“When you add batteries and motors it does add a significant amount of weight but not enough to hurt the trails,” said Moore.

And while a purist may not like the idea of an eE-Bike, it’s all about opening the trails to everyone.

“Biking period is about fun and this is just another outlet for that to let other folks have that fun,” said McDonald.

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