In 2013 Chad McGhee was reported missing.

He disappeared from his parents home in Dugger, IN, leaving behind all of his belongings.

McGhee has not been seen or heard from since.

Though there has been speculation that McGhee is running from a warrant out for his arrest law enforcement believes otherwise.

Now they are asking for your help to solve this cold case.

The Sullivan County Sheriff’s Department asks for the public’s help solving missing person and homicide cold cases around the time of their anniversary.

“Well it is really important to us that these cases not  be forgot about. We are asking for the publics help and we take the opportunity around an anniversary of a missing person or of a homicide to ask for the public to recall anything that they may have seen.”said Sheriff Clark Cottom, Sullivan Co.

This year is no different.

It has been 4 year since Chad McGhee went missing from his parents home.

“I don’t think that it is fair to assume that somebody is just running from a warrant or just took off because they don’t want to be found. That can be very costly,” said Sheriff Cottom.

McGhee did have a warrant out for his arrest but law enforcement doesn’t believe that is the cause of his disappearance. 

“I mean we have to assume at this point that this is a homicide and we have to work it as such. And until something comes along that proves otherwise that is how we will address this case,” said Sheriff Cottom.

Now even 4 years later the Sheriff’s Department says that they get calls all the time for tips of what happened to Chad McGhee. And though this might sound like good news, the issue is that most of these calls are false information.

When any tip comes in, especially involving this case, they have to pursue it until they have ruled it untrue.

“As we receive new information in this case or any other serious homicide or missing person case we are going to follow up on it, and we do,” said Sheriff Cottom.

Law enforcement relies on the public for information on cold cases like McGhee’s.

Because experience tells them, someone knows what happened to him and if a witness didn’t come forward initially Cottom says that time can change a person.

Sheriff Cottom said, “often times relationships change too as well. A lot of these cases are solved because people break up, friendships break up. Sometimes people are more willing to come forward later on than what they may have been 2,3,4 years ago.”

If you have any tips on the whereabouts of Chad McGhee, or what might have happened to him back in 2013, please call the Sullivan Sheriff’s Department at 812-268-4044.

They do ask however, that if you do give a tip that you make sure it is true. Giving false information  wastes valuable time that could otherwise be spent pursuing other leads.

Knowingly giving false information, or lying, to law enforcement is illegal and you can be arrested for doing so.