Drug Bust Raises Concerns


A major drug bust in Terre Hatue that recovered various products laced with THC.
Law enforcement also noticed that the nature of these products seemed to be geared towards a younger age group.

The latest drug bust has created quite a bit of talk.
It is no secret that Terre Haute has a drug problem and a bust like this could make a big impact.
But it is also important that parents are looking out for these type of products to ensure your kids are not using them.

Terre haute is currently in a drug crisis.
Rarely does a day go by where one of the local law enforcement agencies doesn’t make some type of drug arrest.

“Everything changes in the drug culture, and it changes dramatically,” says Terre Haute Police Sargent Denzil Lewis.

The latest arrest by the Terre Haute police drug task force created a lot of talk on Facebook.
With an opiod epidemic going on why is a bust like this significant?
Police say most of the time, these dealers aren’t just selling one substance. Often times they are selling whatever will make them the most money at that given time so getting any drug dealer off the street is going to make an impact on the war against drugs.

“I think that is a substantial drug arrest that will have an impact, a positive impact in the community,” says Sgt. Lewis.

Tuesday’s bust is a prime example of all the different forms drugs can come in. But these dealers aren’t using different substances to trick kids. They are doing it to make the drugs look more inconspicuous.

“Sometimes it is the easiest way to ingest it. It is the easiest way to hide it, from law enforcement, more so than from parents,” says Sgt. Lewis.

With Halloween right around the corner, a big concern this time of year is drug laced candy. But former drug task force member, Sgt. Denzil Lewis says that isn’t as common as parents may think. “Drugs by their nature, cost a lot of money. And when you are a drug user, you can’t afford your habit. Therefor, you are not going to be passing out drugs as candy.”

But with the various forms drugs can come in there are things parents should be asking to keep their kids away from drugs.

“You want to look at, does your children have change in friends? Are the kids he’s hanging around with, or she’s hanging around with, kid’s who are getting in trouble a lot,” says Sgt. Lewis.

Parents should also consider their children’s actions and even grades in school.
All of those factors could show telling signs of drug use.

Any tips on illegal drug use should be reported to THPD immediately.

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