Drivers Urged Towards Effectively Scraping Cars


The days of just getting in your car and heading to work are gone it is time to break out your scraper.
While it is easier to just clear off your windshield and leave the rest to the wind, that can cause some hazards for both you and other drivers.
Terre Haute resident Nathan Bright is used to Indiana winters, ice can be rough, especially in the mornings when I am in a hurry,” he says.

But he has learned from experience why cleaning off your entire car is so important, “I also usually scrape off the top of my car. In my old car a huge sheet of ice came off and took off my windshield wipers.”

THPD Officer Ryan Adamson says you should clear off all of your windows completely, “take the extra time, clear your windshield specifically and your back window it is not worth getting somebody hurt over.”

Snow and ice debris left over on your car can fly off while you’re driving causing an extreme hazard for other drivers.

“I always do my windows. I will always scrape, I will always wipe off snow pretty much through my whole car. But I will always scrape all windows and headlights,” says Bright.

Here are a few tips we found that can cut down your scraping time:

-One part water
-One part rubbing alcohol
-Combine in a spray bottle and spray onto windshield. Ice will start to melt immediately, scrape any left over ice.

-Not a fan of alcohol? Follow the same procedure as listed above, but use 3-to-1 parts viegar and water.

-Pour windshield wiper fluid over windshield, ice will immediately start to melt.

If you prefer the classic defrost you are reminded to be cautious.

“If you’re going to let your car run make sure it is locked up. Our vehicle thefts increase this time of year,” says Adamson.

Snow and ice obstructing your view ise a ticketable offense. To avoid any issues, police ask that you air on the side of caution and clear your car off as much as possible.

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