Double Checking Ballots


Voters are moving right along at the Vigo County Annex as they cast their early ballots.

Ralph Price, a life long resident of Vigo County is very familiar with the voting process, however he encountered something odd Wednesday afternoon while voting.

“It kept trying to tell me who to vote for, instead of taking the vote that I pressed it voted for somebody else,” said Price.

After speaking with Sharon Turner, a vote inspector at the Annex, it was confirmed that many of the touch screen machines were sensitive.

“The biggest issue I think we’re having is once they press on one, it might jump to the other one,” said Turner.

Voters are encouraged to use a stylus when voting, and not to press too hard on the screen.

“If they have that problem we need to know. We have already changed out one machine,” said Turner.

Price says he’s not trying to play the blame-game, he simply wants voters to be cautious at the polls, “I want the people of Vigo County to be made aware that they have to check the ballots”.

You can cast your ballot at the Vigo County Annex from 8am to 4pm till noon on November 5th.

The Annex will also be open two Saturdays on October 27th and November 3rd.

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