Don’t Touch the Animals


The start of spring means you’ll begin seeing more wildlife outdoors and at your local parks. So, what do you do if you see an animal that’s in need?

For some it may be a little tempting to approach wild animals, especially if you think they are in need, but officials are reminding us that touching wild animals is bad for you, and them.

The Department of Natural Resources says every spring they see Hoosiers trying to “rescue” animals they think are abandoned.

However, these animals are not abandoned at all, and trying to rescue them serves more harm than good. Picking up the baby animal poses a risk to the animal, and to humans. Experts say it’s best to let nature run its course.

The Vigo County Parks and Recreation Department Assistant Superintendent, Adam Grossman, advises the best thing to do when you see a baby animal is to just admire it from a distance, and leave it be.

“People have this want to go out and grab it, save it. In reality, the best thing to do is leave it alone. The mom deer is probably not too far away, and will check in on it that evening. You don’t want to touch that deer,” says Grossman.

Grossman also says it’s important not to feed wild animals. Not only could the animals become too dependent on your food, but whatever you have in your picnic basket is probably not very nutritious for the wildlife, including bread and hot dogs.


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