TERRE HAUTE, Ind. (WTWO/WAWV) – Friday evening, demonstrations continued near the federal prison leading up to the execution of Alfred Bourgeois.

Groups in attendance say they want the death penalty to be abolished.

On Friday, protestors we spoke to said they believe tax dollars can be better used than going towards the practice.

“We’re spending millions of dollars to execute 13 people who have spent a total of 289 years in solitary confinement”, said Reverend Bill Breeden, Unitarian Church in Bloomington.

They also say they think that the process of the death penalty is flawed.

Another issued raised is the speed that executions are happening.

Bourgeois was the second in as many days and more are scheduled for January.

“The fact that we have three more people scheduled to be executed in very short order is truly devastating. It says as a nation that we really don’t respect life,” said sister Barbara Battista, Sisters of Providence.

Protestors say they also are praying for the victims and their families.