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In parts of Michigan and Illinois deer have been found with an illness known as Chronic Wasting Disease, a sickness that is similar to Mad Cow Disease.

“That is a disease that effects deer species and for us that would of course be white tail deer,” said Dr. Joe Caudell, State Deer Research biologist.

Chronic waste disease has not yet affected Indiana but the DNR is putting programs in place especially in the state’s northwest region to help prevent it from spreading.

“We are conducting surveillance for it because it is a serious disease to deer and it is close by Indiana,” said Caudell.

Here in the Wabash Valley a local meat processing center says that unlike beef and pork, deer meat is not regulated by the government, so precautions at home are necessary.

“Take it to the DNR to see these check stations so we know what’s going on with the herd and everything that’s out there, because you know we get a disease and wipe out the whole herd,” said Ted Pohlman, Pohlman Meat Processing Plant.

Pohlman’s Meat Processing Plant makes sure that the deer you hunt turns into a safe meal for later, and that can’t be done without the help of the hunting community.

“When you shoot that animal get it cleaned out, clean it out, get all the feces out of it. Open the carcass, put a stick in between there so they can breathe in the cavity,” said Pohlman.

Pohlman believes if the right steps are taken it will provide the best hunting season for all involved. “You want a good clean product, dress it out right and do a good job on it.”

Saturday, the Pohlman Meat Center will host an open house for all hunters. The open house has no fee to attend.

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