Day After Christmas Shopping Spree

Hundreds of people walked through the doors of Honey Creek Mall Monday with a goal in mind. 
Most shoppers faced the crowds to do one of three things: buy new things, make returns or make exchanges. 
Bags on bags on bags. 
Men talking while the women shop and teens walking the halls of Honey Creek Mall. 
All of these sights are just a glimpse into the life of shoppers on the day after Christmas. 
“There’s still a lot of people here,” says Logan Blubaugh, a local shopper. “People are shopping. A lot of younger kids like my age and everything, but it really seems just usually like it would be on Saturday or a Friday.” 
And while the mall isn’t too packed just yet, some shoppers have a game plan to be in and out as fast as they can be. 
“Well, we came out in the rain to make two returns,” says Susan Ooley-Viray, a local shopper. “Just need different sizes. It’s not a good idea to buy shoes for other people.” 
And others are just in to get their Christmas gifts resized, 
“I bought him a watch for Christmas and it’s a little bit too big, so we had to get it sized,” says Stacie Whitley, a local shopper.
“And he’s getting it to the right size so that I can wear it,” says Ray Ripple, a local shopper. 
“We knew exactly what we were going to do,” says Whitley. “Come in and out and be done.” 
But for some shoppers, they’re here just to experience it all. 
“I love shopping, it’s fun and yeah,”  says Chelsea Smith, a local shopper.
While shopping the day after Christmas may be fun and full of sales and joy, it does come after a holiday packed with family, memories and and maybe even a lot of miles. 
“This is a day to relax, and enjoy after being with family yesterday,” says Ooley-Viray. “And just nice to sit back. I’ve had a nap already today and life is good.”
The top five things consumers are buying today, according to business insider is clothing, exercise gear, electronics, video games, and Christmas decor. 
Honey Creek Mall is open until 9 Monday night and will open again Tuesday at 10 am. 

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