Cubs Mania Sweeps Wabash Valley


The Chicago Cubs are just 4 wins away from winning the World Series. Last nights win punches the Cubs ticket to the World Series against the Cleveland Indians. While Wrigley Field is 203 miles away from Terre Haute, Cubs Mania is still being felt here in the Valley.

Its the play sports fans heard around the world.

“He turns that double play. I’m jumping up and down. I hope the neighbors didnt get disturbed when i opened the door and yelled as loud as I could ‘Cubs win,'” says Roger Kocher.

“It was a combination of things, the tears. I just feel it’s something you look forward to your whole life. I’ve been through so much you know,” said Levi Richardson.

Dylan Szymovicz, who sported gear at work sunday, grew up in the chicago area. He’s heard stories from back home about the loyalty of Cubs fans.

“Fireworks going off, people were crying, bars were packed,” says Szymovicz.

“I believe you are born into it. I feel like my whole life that’s all I did is watch the Cubs. I feel like Harry was my baby sitter when I was a kid,” said Richardson.

Just how long has it been? The last time the Cubs made it to the World Series gas was 25 cents a gallon. The last time they won the World Series? Well cars weren’t really around.

“I called my mother last night after they had won and she said grandpa was coaching them in heaven, because like i said, he’s passed away. He never got to see it,” said Kocher.

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