Crossing With Caution


Crossing 3rd Street in downtown Terre Haute is much like the arcade game “Frogger”.

Jumping through traffic to get to the other side definitely causes an adrenaline rush, but unlike the game, there isn’t a restart button. Which is why Terre Haute police has a message after Friday night

“If people are going to be out at dark, number 1, don’t cross the road unless you were at a crossing. More than likely if you can go to a light you will be safer,” said Tere Haute Police Chief, John Plasse.

THPD says the incident happened around dusk. Edward French was leaving his hotel room near Oak Street when he was attempting to cross 41 to the McDonald’s to get his wife some dinner before they headed back to Ohio.

“He wasn’t from here so that could be part of the issue, he wasn’t fully aware of his surroundings,” added Plasse.

Jaywalking is an issue near Oak Street with many hotels and a few gas stations around the area and not a close cross walk around. Our cameras caught 3 people crossing in the hour we were there. Because of how dangerous jay walking can be it is illegal.

“The middle of the block is more dangerous crossing there. number one drivers aren’t really watching for pedestrians because they aren’t suppose to be there,” says Plasse.

Chief Plasse says citing someone for jay walking is a tough task. The monetary penalty might not be much, but the max consequence can be.

“It’s just a fine but the worst penalty is being hit by a car and possibly losing your life,” said Plasse.

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