Couple Loses Over 300 Pounds Together


A couple from Terre Haute loses hundreds of pounds together in just one year.

Lexi and Danny Reed are celebrating more than just their love for one another this Valentine’s Day.
It’s a celebration of health, self-worth, and a second chance at living life to the fullest.

“I basically saved my own life, and there’s no words than can describe that feeling,” says Lexi Reed, who lost 246 pounds since January 2016.

“You know, I weighed 485 pounds,” says Lexi, “walking was hard. Everything was hard. Breathing was hard.”

It started off as a new year’s resolution. Coworkers keeping track of weight loss in the office.

But for Lexi Reed and husband Danny, it turned into so much more.

“After the first 30 days, it became more of a lifestyle for us than a resolution,” says Lexi.

One year later, the couple lost over 300 pounds together.

But they didn’t use expensive trainers or surgeries to get there. The Reeds say it was just getting active, choosing healthier food, and having each other for support that got them through.

“I would be discouraged, and maybe I had a bad day,” says Danny. “She would tell me, you know we need to go to the gym. I wouldn’t want to, but she’d be like, ‘we need to go to the gym. We need to do this for us.'”

For many, starting their weight loss journey is the hardest part. Lexi had a strategy to overcome that.

“People just need to focus on each day, instead of how long they have to go, because if I looked at the fact that I had to lose at least 300 pounds, then that would overwhelm me. I just try and look at every single day as, okay one pound at a time, and that really helped keep me motivated,” says Lexi.

Now she shares her experience online.

“I have 70 thousand followers on my instagram @FatGirlFedUp,” says Lexi.

Fearlessly posting all of the perfect–and maybe not so perfect–moments along the way.

“I try to post videos where people can see that, you know, I’m not perfect. I’m not like an athlete that can do it 50 times,” says Lexi, “I’m just trying and I think that’s the most important thing.”

Lexi also shared her views on body shaming online since her weight loss journey has been so public. She says she doesn’t worry about all the negative comments and focuses on the positive ones, adding if by her sharing so openly has helped even one person change their life for the better, it’s worth it.

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