Convenient Contraceptive


Hoosier women can now join with fourteen other states in an easy and convenient way to access birth control.

It’s all done through your cell phone.

When it comes to birth control there should be no short cuts, but this app skips visiting a doctor before a contraceptive of your choice is delivered to your door. For many women on the move this sounds like a good deal, but all variables of the equation should be examined first.

Visit any public place, you’ll find the attention of many people on their cell phones. It’s become an extention of daily life, planning, communicating and even executing tasks, done in just a few taps.

That’s the appeal of the Nurx app. A simple download and answering a few questions will pair you up with a contraceptive that’s sent right to your door.

“I think birth control sent to your door would be a great idea because some students don’t feel comfortable speaking to their parents about it and going to the doctor,” ISU sophomore Monique Hardy said.

After hearing about the Nurx app, Monique Hardy and Dejah Gigers says it’s something they would consider.

“Especially like if you’re on the move constantly and you don’t have time to stop ‘oh I have to go to the doctor’ you can just go to the app and get what you need,” Fellow ISU sophomore, Gigers said.

But pharmacist Lynn Hostetler at Lynn’s Family Pharmacy in Brazil says using this app eliminates a vital link in health care.

“If you put that on a triangle, you put a patient on one side of the triangle, doctor on the other side and pharmacist on the other side and you break that triangle, somebody gets hurt, a lot of times all three but mostly the patient suffers the biggest consequence,” Hostetler said.

Hostetler says he sees three generations of family members in his pharmacy and building that rapport with his customers is important in learning about their health and history what works and doesn’t work for them.

“When you’re doing the mail order type thing, it’s very scary and you don’t know the quality of the drug and you have no idea if it’s approved by the government, by the state,” he said.

Some other states where the Nurx app is approved are Illinois, New York, Texas and Minnesota. You do have to answer some questions about your health, history and insurance.

A doctor in your state approves the request, delivery to your door is free after the cost of contraceptive and it’s prescribed three months at a time.

Many brands and types of birth control are offered to choose from on the app, you can sign up for the program with or without insurance starting cost is at 15 dollars a month.

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