Construction Zones on I-70


Interstates are prone to construction and Interstate 70 has seen a lot.

With this increase in construction comes an increase in accidents.

“When you enter these construction zones, basically anything can happen,” said Sgt. Joe Watts.

After a recent fatal accident between two semi trucks, Indiana State Police is urging driver’s to obey traffic laws as well as those flashing orange construction lights.

“Educate yourself on when and where they are. Second of all look down range at your driving. Obey the speed limits obey all cautionary signage that’s out there and pay attention. Look down range at your driving, it’s nothing more than that. It’s very very simple,” said Sgt. Watts.

In spots with heavy construction Indiana State Troopers will patrol the area, which forces drivers to slow down.

And while those extra troopers help decrease the amount of accidents, you shouldn’t count on a flashing trooper car to maintain your speed on the highway.

“Basically we’re doing everything we possibly can other than driving the car for you. So what we want you to do is pay attention, look down range in your driving for everyone,” said Sgt. Watts.

The biggest issue many drivers have is merging.

Once you see that big flashing arrow telling you to merge right, merge right.

Don’t wait until the last second to squeeze in from the ending left lane.

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